Four Generations of Characters
Nair matrilineal kinship in Thakazhi's Kayar

Kalyani Amma, une femme amoureuse in the 1880s, fell in love with Kochu Pillai, the handsome Klassiper, in the early chapters of Kayar and the sudden and scandalous discovery of her being pregnant compelled her maternal uncle Seelanthippilil Paramu Asan to depart for Kashi (Renunciation). All of these characters illustrated, in their life history, the features and consequences of matrilineal kinship in a Nair joint family, of land tenures, and of diglossia, that is, the superimposition of different registers of language and culture in daily life, since all of them were peasants working hard in their paddy fields, and most of them were simultaneously copists of classical palm-leaf manuscripts, or religious Hindus reading the Epics aloud at home in the evening, or else virtuosos as Kathakali dansers and in other performing arts.