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Philosophie contemporaine
à partir des langues de l'Inde

Interested in non-Western developments of professional philosophy, I wish to take up the challenge of introducing non-Western tongues and modes of thought into the practice of professionally established academic philosophy, by focussing on problematics that belong with my fields of research as an anthropologist in India, namely: (1) Environmental and medical ethics, (2) Voice and the iconicity of language, and (3) Self and others in their lifeworld. I would try to avoid conflating heterogeneous modes of thought and I would like to emphasize stark contrasts between different philosophies each of them ethnographically situated in their specific historical and linguistic context.

I have no qualms about mixing English with French, Malayāḷam and Sanskrit. Polyglossy is inherent in this kind of researches.

L'Europe vue de l'Inde

Le cadre et la table des matières de ce site
sont déterminés par le renversement du regard
que je m'efforce d'opérer entre l'Europe et l'Inde.