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Ethnographic Atlas of Ifugao
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Séminaire du 17 février 2016

Plate 25 (Page 69)

Baynīnan and Environs: Land Use

Le scan ci-dessous reproduit 2/3 de la planche originale

L'image ci-dessous couvre une superficie d'environ
1,600 x 2,200 m
1600 mètres sur 2200 mètres

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Plate 25 shows agricultural-district and administrative boundaries, hamlet locations, land form distinctions, agricultural terrace walls irrigation and transportation routes, and related cultural features. Footpaths along pond-field bunds [digues] cannot be delineated separately; hence, except where they pass between terraced areas, trail networks remain incomplete. Paths following water channels are not shown. The shape and extent of artificially terraced land forms (e.g., pond fields) exhibit little modification from year to year, but changes from one usage status to another among non terraced land forms (especially between swiddens and various types of caneland and woodland) are frequent. For such details, the effective date of this land-use map is April 1963. Wherever the total unbroken, horizontal surface of a broad terrace includes a square area 12.5 meters or more on a side, spot heights are indicated.

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