Harold C. Conklin — 3
Ethnographic Atlas of Ifugao
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Séminaire du 17 février 2016

Plate 24 (Page 68)

Baynīnan and Environs: Relief

Le scan ci-dessous reproduit 2/3 de la planche originale

L'image ci-dessous couvre une superficie d'environ
1,600 x 2,200 m
1600 mètres sur 2200 mètres

Comparer la Plate 24 à la Plate 25 (pages Land Use)

Within the northeastern part of the survey area of North Central Ifugao lies Banīnan district and environs. This sector, shown on these two facing plates [Plates 24-25, pp.68-69] is the focal area of the present study. Relief features on Plate 24 — in greater detail than elsewhere — can be compared with cultural and land-use distinctions displayed on Plate 25.

Shapes of valleys, elevations, and the relation of slopes, ridges, and relatively flat terrain sectors to the general drainage pattern can be seen easily on Plate 24. The same spotheights, reference markings, natural water courses, and district and general location names are used on the two facing plates to facilitate comparison.

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